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Spectra Chain-Link Fence | Courtesy of Master Halco

Affordable, Maintenance-free Fence

As one of the most popular choices of fencing, chain-link provides security, protection, and beauty to homes and businesses. KMG Fence specializes in chain-link fence installation and guarantees professional results no matter the complexity or difficulty of the project. Select your type of chain-link below, choose from multiple colors and heights, then get your instant estimate. Our seasoned team has completed numerous chain-link projects for residential, commercial, and government applications. KMG Fence is your experienced chain-link fence installation provider in Orlando and Tampa.

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Galvanized chain link fence

Courtesy of Master Halco


The most popular and affordable type of chain-link fencing is Galvanized. It comes with a 12-year warranty and provides maintenance-free protection and security to homes and businesses. KMG installs Galvanized fence that is weaved and cut before being dipped in it’s zinc-coating to ensure full coverage, preventing rust.

Spectra chain link fence

Courtesy of Master Halco


In addition to zinc-coating, Spectra has a layer of a colored polyester framework for added durability and an attractive finish. Spectra has a 12 year warranty and is an attractive and affordable way to add security, beauty, and value to homes and businesses. There are 3 stylish colors available that blend in perfectly to your environment.

Permafused chain link fence

Courtesy of Master Halco

Permafused II

Ideal for commercial applications, Permafused II provides unparalleled performance and superior protection. Permafused II boasts an extreme resistance to corrosive environments and UV light which prevents decay and premature fading. This is your ultimate choice if you are looking for unmatched performance and attractive appearance.

Commercial chain link fence

Courtesy of Master Halco


The most popular choice for commercial properties, chain-link fence installation is an affordable fencing solultion that provides security, protection, and value to your property. With multiple options and colors available, easily find your perfect fence.

Benefits of Chain-Link Fence Installation

With chain-link fence installation, homes and businesses gain instant value, protection, and security. Chain-link is a versatile fencing solution that can be used for many purposes. It can be utilized to define property lines, protect your property, secure children and pets, protect public businesses, define parks, and much more. Whether we’re installing for a home, business, or baseball field, KMG Fence provides outstanding chain-link fence installation services to the Orlando and Tampa, Florida areas.

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