How to protect fence from wind

Before The Storm…

Living in Florida, we know how much damage storms and wind can do to your fence. Windstorms are strong enough to knock down fences, leading to difficult and costly repairs, if you aren’t prepared. If a storm is on it’s way, learn how to protect fence from wind damage with these 4 pro tips:

1. Trim Trees Near Fence

Fallen tree branches are the leading cause of storm damage. Make sure to trim any over-hanging tree limbs to prevent them from falling and crushing one or more sections of the fence. You should also remove any dead trees nearby as they could uproot during the storm.

2. Remove Loose Yard Items

Patio furniture, swing-sets, trashcans, or anything else loose in your yard should be moved to an enclosed area like a garage or shed. Loose objects in your yard can fly into your fence if not properly contained causing damage to your fence or home.

3. Inspect Your Fence

If your area has been issued a storm warning, be sure to inspect your fence for any loose posts, boards, or panels and repair if necessary. If you have a gate, make sure that it is securely locked so that it doesn’t slam into anything. Loose or damaged fence is even more susceptible to high winds. Any damaged fence pieces could dislodge and become a hazard during the storm.

4. Reinforce Your Fence

If you have vinyl, aluminum, or any other type of fence, we highly recommend that you reinforce your fence posts. Without reinforcement, your fence is more likely to be torn out of the ground in heavy windstorms. We offer reinforcement services that allow your fence to stand up to high winds with deeply dug fence posts secured with concrete.


Learning how to protect fence from wind damage is essential knowledge for fence owners. In summary, inspect your surroundings for hazards and remove them and be sure to reinforce your fence posts. Following these tips protects your fence, your home, and your loved ones from potential disaster.

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